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Since the mid to late 1980s, William Montgomery and Chris Webster - founder and president of WEBSTER ENTERPRISES and Managing Partner of SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP - have worked together to offer interesting and exclusive properties throughout the world. The following content has been compiled from Chris Webster's respective websites ...


Chris Webster has more than forty years of experience in real estate investments, development, consulting, and brokerage with emphasis on luxury residential sales as a real estate broker, brokerage owner, and exclusive Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate in three geographic markets.

He founded Christopher Webster Real Estate in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1976 and subsequently became Sotheby’s exclusive affiliate for New Mexico in 1983, followed by Mexico (Mexico Estates) in 1989 and North Carolina (North Carolina Estates) in 1991. In 1998 Sotheby’s acquired his Santa Fe company as their first acquisition worldwide of an affiliate company.

After the sale of Christopher Webster Real Estate to Sotheby’s, he established WEBSTER ENTERPRISES, an umbrella organization of his professional interests and activities in real estate, the arts, and consulting.
“At the end of the day, exemplary real estate services are a direct result of productive relationships whereby transparent and articulate communication is the link to the numerous professional broker/consultant skills and services needed. Among these are market knowledge, adept, timely, and appropriate problem-solving and communication skills, patience and perseverance, property familiarity, and tenacity to stay the course until the job is complete and successful.

Consulting, Development, Marketing, and Brokerage are four primary skill sets and services requiring experience and expertise that contribute substantially to the process and an outcome deemed successful." Chris Webster
William Montgomery (with Kaiser)

In 2005, Chris became a Partner and Managing Director of SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP, a company coordinating and directing development, marketing, and sales of the world’s most exclusive residential and resort communities.

SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP, led by Chris and his business partner Matt Shanaberger, help successful developers, investors and institutions across the globe envision and create profitable residential and resort communities. They add value to new and existing projects from the earliest stages of development by conceiving and executing market-driven development, financing, marketing and sales strategies to maximize their financial potential.

SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP focuses on best-of-class, ultra-premium projects, accepts only a handful of assignments each year, and is considered the industry leader in that sector. They have decades of experience traveling to, envisioning, positioning, marketing and selling more than $9 billion in real estate in over 60 premier communities, and have worked throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Their core strength is their ability to synthesize multiple disciplines to create cohesive, marketdriven - and highly profitable - development strategies for residential and resort projects. Whether repositioning an existing community or helping envision a new one, they bring together and orchestrate the industry’s leading professionals to provide an integrated, disciplined approach to real estate development. With long working relationships across all disciplines, they can create and build effective, efficient teams to create the most complex development program on every continent of the World.


Capitalising a real estate development is a complex process.  It begins with a market-driven concept and a financially viable development program, together with the right debt and equity partners.

The SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP team has a keen understanding of this process, with experience supporting, and leading the entire Capitalization process.  With over $3 billion in debt and equity raising experience in the North and South American markets, as well the Asian and European markets, they understand project finance and can work side-by-side with the world’s leading debt and equity sources, the preeminent investment banking advisors, or highly sophisticated individual owner / operators.

SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP brings hands on, global, and industry-wide perspective to the task. We assemble and lead teams of communications specialists: graphic designers, media buyers, internet marketers, public relations experts, and others - to develop and deploy a comprehensive, international strategy.


Successful sales start with matching the right sales professionals to the right projects, and then supporting them with training, systems, hands-on management and qualified leads to maximize their productivity. SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP recruits its sales teams individually for each project it represents.

They can recruit, train and manage their own teams on a daily basis, or, if the developer prefers, function as a “Super Coach” to strengthen an existing sales team. Our sole objective is to insure that qualified leads are served by equally qualified sales professionals to achieve shared sales goals for the project.
If you would like to discover more about WEBSTER ENTERPRISES and SYNTHESIS REALTY GROUP, please visit their websites (below), or contact William Montgomery's office.


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